The Birth of Fresh Riviera Clothing

The Birth of Fresh Riviera Clothing

Growing up and living most of my life on the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan specifically, I have always had a special place in my heart for this amazing body of freshwater. Spending lazy Summer days on the beach, fishing off the pier with my Dad and brother in the predawn hours then watching the spectacular sunrise forming over the lake, long runs along the shore while living in Milwaukee and Chicago, watching a full Moon rise over Lake Michigan and so much more. All these experiences have left an imprint on my heart and shaped my thoughts and beliefs about my beloved Great Lakes.  Loving the lakes and feeling a strong stewardship for these incredible and precious freshwater resource, I always knew this was not something to take for granted. 

What really helped quantify just how special the Great Lakes are was a visit to the Discovery Center in Milwaukee, viewing the Great Lakes exhibit.  Of course I had learned about the lakes in school and had to memorize some of the basic facts but seeing this stunning and thought provoking exhibit really helped put into perspective just how amazing this body of freshwater is and what a precious resource it is. Seeing all the lakes, from an ariel view in a working, live action, interactive model is just breathtaking. For me it took my passion and commitment to protecting these lakes to another level and inspired the brand Fresh Riviera Clothing.

Starting in 2013 selling hoodies and tees, with Fresh Riviera designs online. Then opening a retail store in Fish Creek, Door County in 2015 offering relaxed resort/loungewear tees, hoodies and leggings to the line. Our goal was to help inspire and promote awareness about this precious freshwater resource of the Great Lakes, the “Fresh Riviera” if you will, in a fun and impactful way. 

As I learned more about the apparel industry I knew we there was more I could do to help create the change I want to see in this industry. I took a leap and started working on developing my own line of sleepwear, all ethically made right here on the Great Lakes for people who also love the Great Lakes. Made of sustainable, natural and organic fabrics which happen to be some of the softest cotton you can find anywhere. All this to so I (and well hopefully you too) can sleep with a clear conscious. 

After more than a year of research, sourcing fabric, finding the right cut & sew contractor who’s shop is right on the Great Lakes, going through several rounds of samples to get it just right, I am excited to bring my very first Fresh Riviera Pajama set to the world. Yes, made by people who love the Great Lakes for people who love the Great Lakes!! 

My plan is to continue growing my ethical and sustainable sleepwear line and creating incredibly comfortable, soft and stylish sleepwear that people will love and love wearing year after year. 

You can order your Fresh Riviera Pajamas today by clicking on the image below:

Fresh Riviera Pajamas







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