Fresh Riviera Organic Cotton Jammies Launching Spring 2018

The Fresh Riviera - Celebrating over 10,000 miles of Freshwater Coast on the Great Lakes!

Fresh Riviera Clothing

What is Fresh Riviera®? We are a sleepwear and loungewear brand, made sustainably and ethically in the USA, right here in the Great Lakes region.

Our goal is to make some of the softest, dreamiest pajamas you have ever slept in. We all know there is nothing better than something super soft against your skin, especially as you slumber away in a soft, cozy bed. And we are committed to using only natural, organic, sustainable fabrics and transparent, ethical manufacturing processes. With all the issues facing the world today, what we choose to sleep in shouldn’t be one of them! You can rest easy and have sweet dreams in Fresh Riviera jammies!

We are inspired by the Great Lakes and their beautiful, life sustaining water.  As fresh water natives our teams ambition is to weave social consciousness and sustainability into the fabric of our brand. We are more than just a sleepwear brand, we are a movement of people who care about how business is done and the impact it has on our environment and natural resources. We believe things can be done in a better way and are building our company from the ground up with consideration of how every detail impacts our environment and the lives of our customers. Is it the easiest, fastest or cheapest way to build a business? Definitely not but it’s worth the climb and is how we want to do business. We want to be able to sleep with a clear conscience at night. And we want you to be able to too.
At Fresh Riviera Clothing We call it Enclothed Cognition. Wear what makes you feel good! Inside & Out! Join us on you fav social channel and sign up to our mailing list to get on the VIP early backer launch list. Thank you for being here. Tracy

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